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Cause Shwatsonlock is so amazing.
cause people are so boring.
So i shot the wall, and wait till I found my Watson.//
Let's do a revolution.
Do you permit it? //
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Popstars and their struggles

I feel like this is really important.

Also other celebrities,

Miley Cyrus - Bullied at school.

Mary J Blige - Raped and sexually abused, drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, abusive relationship

Azalea Banks - Abusive mother

Jim Carrey - Homeless at a young age

Oprah Winfrey - Sexually abused alcoholism, drug addiction

50 cent - Born to a 15 year old drug dealing mother who was murdered when he was 8, started drug dealing at 11, carried gun and drugs with him to school at 12, was later shot 9 times at close range.

Demi Moore - Born to an 18 year old alcoholic, bipolar mother, grew up seeing her mother and step-father abuse eachother. 

Christina Aguilera - She, her mother and sister were subject to her abusive father, bullied at school.

Friendly reminder: celebrities are people, not fucking objects for you to constantly judge.

And also a friendly reminder that our struggles do not define us. They do not have to keep us from reaching the heights we aspire to. These people are proof of that.

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I’m not gonna stop cause I believe that there’s so much more to me

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And what if…all theses things that you need to be happy isn’t the same for me, would it shake that much your world?

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